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November 26 2014

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire YESSSSS. I've been consumed. I'm so happy. HAHAHA. Anyway, things are looking up. Planning a big merge with my story site and this site, so a new link will be coming soon. And less inactivity to follow!

To my affiliates:

In order to make the new updated site better, I would like to know a few things in regards to the site and what you may be looking for: (this goes for fans as well!)
What kind of a layout do you like the most (dropdown menus, side menus, large layouts...anything you can think of).
How do you like the information to be organized by? (specific games, generalized like regions>hoenn>emerald)
What do you think about forums?
What is it you look for in an affiliate that you wish more people would have for their sites?
What kind of data, interactive features, layout designs, content, etc are you interested in seeing?
Would you object to the site introducing several other game sections, considering I don't only play Pokemon?
How often do you like layouts to be changed?
Would you be interested in seeing a styleswitcher?
What kind of browser is most commonly used by you? (this helps me decide which to test the site out in!)
What kind of guides, tutorials, and freebies would you like to see on the site?
If there is anything else you can think of to add to the list, feel free to please! You don't have to answer EVERY question that I asked, I just would like some feedback about what could possibly be used to make VC better in the long run. I'm stumped for some ideas, I do have a few figured out but nothing extravagant just yet. I need some inspiration! So please email me at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Instant message me:

AIM: liv11n9

Also to my affiliates, could you please send me an e-mail telling me the following: (this is so when I make the new layout I'll have it all for reference!)
Your online name I know you by
Your website URL
Your website type (information, forums)
I need this so I can update all the contact information in my address book. PLEASE SEND TO [email protected]!! This is my newer email that I intend to use for VC in the future. The yahoo one is full of spam...